Introduction to Groundwater Softening Devices and Related Technologies

1.The device includes:

※quartz sand filter

The quartz sand filter provided by our company can filter out insoluble impurities in water, ensuring that the SDI value is not greater than 4, better removing suspended or insoluble particles in water. It has the characteristics of low cost, easy operation and maintenance, and management, especially in reducing the turbidity and pollution index of raw water, which has a good effect.

※Softened water filter

The main purpose of using cationic resin to soften raw water is to allow the softened water resin to adsorb calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce the hardness of the source water, and regenerate the softened water resin for recycling.

※Optional facilities: raw water pump, backwash pump, float level controller, control cabinet.

2.Process flow diagram and description

The raw water tank will be lifted into the quartz sand filter by a self suction pump, removing suspended solids, particles, colloids and other substances into the softened water filter. Calcium and magnesium ions will be removed from the softened water filter, and the softened water will be used in the reuse water tank. When the softening device is saturated, the salt tank begins to regenerate the softened water resin in the softened water filter. Meanwhile, the quartz sand filter can be backwashed with a backwash pump.

Post time: Dec-25-2023

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