Smart construction site mud water treatment technology and integrated equipment

Product overview

The integrated mud and water treatment equipment for smart construction sites produced and manufactured by Shenzhen Shuntian Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. applied for and obtained a Chinese utility model patent in 2020. At present, there are multiple models to choose from to adapt to customers with different mud water treatment volumes and needs. The integrated equipment for mud and water treatment on smart construction sites integrates PLC control cabinets, surge flow high-efficiency flocculation tanks, surge flow high-efficiency coagulation aid tanks, and other facilities, with a high degree of integration. Under fully automatic operation conditions, efficient treatment of mud water can be achieved, and the effluent can meet the standard for direct discharge.

Main Features

1. Mobile convenience

After completing the phased processing requirements, the equipment can be transferred, reinstalled, and used.

2. Efficiency

The surge type high-efficiency coagulation technology accelerates the reaction speed and reduces the dosage of chemicals.

3. Intelligence

Assemble PLC, equipped with cloud platform technology, to achieve remote control and unmanned operation.

4. Reusability

The use of reclaimed water reuse devices has reduced the water consumption on construction sites and saved water costs.

Equipment specifications

Application scenarios and advantages

Suitable for the treatment of mud and water in various construction sites, it has the advantages of achieving direct discharge standards, high treatment efficiency, low treatment cost, intelligent integration, and small volume:

1. Direct discharge meets the standard

Optimizing the process, the mud water treatment can meet the standard for direct discharge, and the effluent can be reused for construction, dust removal, and cleaning water on the construction site.

2. High processing efficiency

The use of surge flow high-efficiency coagulation technology has accelerated the reaction speed, and the use of high-density inclined tube sedimentation technology has greatly improved the sedimentation efficiency.

3. Low processing cost

Compared to traditional processing methods, it saves an average of 70% in processing costs.

4. Intelligent integration

High degree of integration, fully automatic operation, and real-time monitoring with cloud platform.

5. Small volume

Compared to the self built pre-treatment facilities on the construction site, it greatly reduces the land area and construction time.

6. Mobile

The device is mobile and reusable, saving costs.

Technological Process

The construction site mud water enters the surge type high-efficiency flocculation tank through a lifting pump. The surge type high-efficiency flocculation tank uses a surge device and PAC dosing device to fully contact the mud water with PAC, and then enters the surge type high-efficiency flocculation tank through a diversion hole. The surge type high-efficiency coagulation tank uses a surge device and PAM dosing device to fully contact the mud water with PAM. The mud water in full contact with PAM and PAC enters the high-density inclined tube sedimentation tank for sedimentation.

Vertical view

Side view

Core technology

Project Display

Design renderings

Installation site

Project shooting

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